Thursday, October 22, 2015

Oh! The Humanity!

Let's say you have a sick kiddo. Fever, cough, congestion. Let's say it's pneumonia. You take that kid to the doctor. Doctor says, "This isn't good. Let me give you some medicine to clear this stuff up." 
Now, you can get that prescription filled. You can take your kid and the medicine home and give it to them and they will miraculously get better. Or, you can walk out of the doctor's office, call that doc a quack, take your kid home and watch your kid either self heal or die because their lungs can't function properly. I'm not saying every case of pneumonia will kill someone, but what I am saying, is that left untreated, it can. It can keep you from getting enough oxygen to your organs. Nothing good comes from that. Or, fluid could accumulate around the lungs and that calls for drain tubes and hospital stays. You could get bacteria in your bloodstream. (All of this info is coming from Mayo clinic website, under complications of pneumonia.) 

If you take your kiddo to the doctor and they give you medicine and you chose not to use it and your child dies from the illness, what do you think would happen? Or, what if you didn't take your child to the doctor at all and they lose their life over it? It would be sad, but would DHS come for your other children? Would you be charged with neglect? Endangering the welfare of a minor? I don't know. You never know. There have been people lose custody of their children for not properly treating illness. 

There are very few people, sane ones anyway, that would deny antibiotics for their family if they are sick. You want your people to be healthy. 

And just like you want your people to be healthy, farmer's also want their animals to be healthy.

Animals were put on the Earth for a purpose. We are to care for them, but they are a source of food. They were put here to feed us and farmers were put here to assist in that. But, that doesn't mean that farmers don't see value in their animals or love their animals. 

The fact is we do. If anyone walks out of their home every morning with the purpose of feeding the world, they don't see just the money or a meal. They walk out of their door knowing they have a purpose and a job to do. Farmers walk out their door with faith because there are very few factors they can control on their farm. The weather, feed prices, pay price for what they grow, are all things we have to make do with. We can't control how good a crop turns out or if lighting strikes half the herd. We can't control all of the illness in our animals. But we can treat them.

Antibiotics cost money. We don't just walk around with syringes full of medications "pumping" our animals full of it. That would be a waste of money and animal. In more than one way. Any animal treated with antibiotics has to be kept out of the food supply for a specific period of time so they can be well and all of the medicine is out of their system. If we treat a cow with pneumonia or mastitis with an antibiotic, every drop of milk that cow produces will be disposed of. It does NOT go into the milk tank. If a beef cow is treated with antibiotics, it must be kept out of the food supply until the antibiotics are out of its system.

Wait. Hang on. Am I saying that there is NO antibiotics in meat? That the labeling is unnecessary? That you are getting one pulled over on you by companies that make claims and then raise their prices because, well, someone has to pay for that "non-GMO, antibiotic free, hormone free" food? Yep. That is exactly what I am saying.

That goes against the entire narrative that is being pushed doesn't it?

Let me ask you something. The information you see on the interwebs about antibiotics in our food, is it coming from a farmer? A large animal vet? Anyone qualified to give out said information? Is it coming from a blog or a meme or a group with an agenda that you probably don't see because they aren't transparent?

If you don't treat your child and your child dies that is NOT okay. If I have sick animals and I don't treat them that is NOT okay. 

Take a look at something for me. The groups that are all about animal rights aren't all about animal welfare. Those are 2 different things, aren't they? Farmers are all about animal welfare. We want to treat a sick animal that is in our care as best we can. Sometimes that is to give them antibiotics so they can get better. Without that treatment, that animal will die. They will lay down and labor to breathe. They will die an agonizing death. Do people really expect the farmer that cares for these animals to just sit back and watch that? To do nothing? Just because someone said that treating animals with antibiotics is bad? Yes. People do expect that because a talking head on the internet or TV told them they should. And that is personal. 

So, Subway and Chipotle and all the other restaurants that are caving to the con that is being pulled on them have lost my business. Spreading the fear and lies that farmers don't care properly for their animals is beyond ludicrous. Listening to people that are unqualified to make these claims over the voice of a farmer is a personal attack on myself and all other farmers. 

If you don't think there is an attack being made on animal agriculture you live under a rock. There are many groups out to end animal agriculture and they are willing to go to any lengths to make that happen. Lies, deceit, collecting your dollars that you generously give and using those dollars to further an agenda they are hiding in the fine print. Then you buy into the bologna from the people with TV shows and book deals and diet plans that make claims they have no business making. You think those folks aren't making a pretty penny with their fear mongering and bull? You better believe they are. Not only that, they are conning you into buying certain brands because of a label that entitles them to charge you a little bit more. 

Ask yourself this question. Who is winning in this deal? You? No. Farmers? Certainly not. The guru? The author? The TV person? More than anyone....those last 3 are getting something out of the fear mongering that the rest of us are missing out on. 

The United States has the safest food in the world. We have an abundant, affordable supply. Those are things advocates are supposed to say. We say them over and over. The thing is, we are telling the truth. Our message never changes because it is true. 

The folks pushing their own agenda about antibiotics and hormones in the food supply have something to gain. Farmers have to farm so we can eat. We farm differently than we used to because we have to change with the times. We have to be successful or we are all going to starve. That doesn't mean that we are mistreating our animals. We are giving them the same care that you would want for your people. We treat them because we care about them. We care about consumers because we are consumers. We eat what we produce. 

I'm going to encourage you to talk to farmers. Ask the people that get up every morning with the purpose of feeding you. Do not google a self proclaimed "expert" on the subject before you find a real expert. Farmers aren't trained in everyday PR, but you better believe that the "experts" are. Farmers don't have an angle or a spin. Farmers do what they do. And that is feed America by taking care of their animals, by caring for them with every resource available to them. Our animals become more than a paycheck or a meal. Our animals are our livelihoods and our way of life. They teach us as much about life as the people in it. 

If you think it would be horrific to leave a child or family member with a treatable illness untreated, please realize that we feel the same about leaving our animals untreated. Don't buy into the deceit and popular marketing out there. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stop It

I have a lot of pet peeves; I'm cranky like that. But there are things that should stop. Immediately. I'm talking do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Stop. It. Now. 
I have compiled a tiny little list of 6 and the reasons why. This particular list doesn't even include my top 3 or so, but some of those aren't things I should share on a public forum. I try to be fairly friendly on this blog. Key word being "try."

Lets get started.

1. Body shaming. 
    Yes, yes, we all know it's wrong. We don't need to be judging people. But what about ourselves? You gotta stop looking in the mirror and pointing out (to yourself and anyone who listens) every flaw you can find. I have been trying to teach the Milkmaids that we are made in God's image. We are made to be who we are and we need to love ourselves. Do we sometimes make decisions that change what we look like? Absolutely. Can we make better choices? Yes! Should we take care of ourselves? You bet. But just talking about how awful my love handles are and how big my ears are creates problems not only for myself, but for the Milkmaids. If I can't be happy with myself how do I teach them to be happy with themselves? I'm not saying you (I) shouldn't work to lose a pound or two. I'm not saying that you shouldn't cut or color your hair if it makes you feel better. I'm just saying...we should be happy with the bodies we were given and do our best to take care of them. 

2. Comparing our lives to everyone's Facebook life.
    I really hate it when they are advertising a movie and it looks hilarious but when you go pay $477 to get into the movie theater and have some popcorn, M&Ms, and a drink, the only good parts of that movie were in the trailer. That completely sucks, right? This is what is happening on Facebook. You see the trailer of people's lives. The high points. Nobody wants to post a status like, "Today I woke up, tripped on my dog, fed the kids, made the bed, wiped a butt, cleaned the drain, thought about drinking, bought groceries, cut my finger, messed up the tuna casserole, made everyone eat it anyway, gave baths, drank, went to bed." Ok...some people do that, but those aren't the people you're looking at thinking...."Crap. If only my life was that awesome." or "I wish my husband/wife/kids were like that." or "My life sucks compared to theirs." No...but you do see those posts about how fantastic someones life/job/husband/wife/kid/dog/car/house/boat/bank account is and you get a little depressed that you aren't that awesome. Don't. Just stop it. Seriously. They aren't posting about their bad times. Their life is also mundane. They also wipe rear ends and trip on the dog. Just stop. 
And if you're the one only posting about how fabulous your life is...well...Congrats. You win Facebook. 

3. Teaching kids that they should be the center of the universe. 
    No. Just no. Stop this immediately. My kids, your kids, Joe's kids, Sally's kids...nobody should be feeding their need to be the center of the entire universe. Stop. The world is a really harsh place. And if you are making your home revolve around your child's every desire you are setting them up to fail miserably in the world. It is absolutely okay for your child to be the center of YOUR universe. But you don't have to let them know that. It can be your secret. Because they won't ever be the center of anyone else's universe. Their friends, teachers, bosses, spouses, etc will never and shouldn't ever be expected to put aside their feelings or dreams to make sure little Jim has everything his heart desires. 
   Love your kids. Love them to infinity and beyond. Make sure they are taken care of and nurtured. If you really love your kids, though, you will teach them that the world is a hard and disappointing place. And we don't always get everything we want. And people don't do exactly everything we want them to. Give them responsibilities and hold them to it. Give them discipline. Make them respect others and make them earn rewards. You can do it. Even when they try to manipulate you and say, "You don't love me!" tell them that you do love them, and that is why you have to be the teacher. Because if you aren't teaching them these things...the world will. And the world doesn't love them.

4. Carrying parent guilt and/or parent shaming others
    These go hand in hand. I have friends that lay so much guilt on themselves that I don't know how they make it through the day. Your kid will survive if they don't get to go to every party, sleepover, school function. If they don't have every cool toy, social media account, electronic, cool shoes, or pink hair they will make it in the world. You do not have to feel guilty because you can't afford or won't allow your child to do everything they want. You don't have to feel guilty if you work. You are providing for your family. You don't need to feel guilty if your child isn't the center of your universe. You don't have to feel guilty because what you did for one child you can't do for the other. You don't have to feel guilty because last night you were busy and everyone ate spaghetti-o's and Doritos. I wouldn't make that a habit...but sometimes it is okay. You don't have to buy organic. You don't have to buy name brand. If you don't get every item from the farmer's market....nobody's life will be negatively impacted. You don't have to do every PTA fundraiser. You don't have to allow your kids to do everything that everyone else is doing. You just don't have to.
    While you are busy not feeling guilty for everything you do as a parent, make sure you aren't judging other parents that are putting all of their effort into surviving. Some parents don't get to go to their children's functions. Sometimes it's because they don't care enough, but it might be because they are working their 3rd job of the day so they can provide for their family. You might not know their story. Not everyone can afford or wants to waste their money on certain types of food or certain brands of clothing. Don't judge. If that mom over there doesn't allow her kids to go to or have sleepovers, you don't have to follow her footsteps, but you don't know her reasons. Maybe that mom was molested at a sleepover as a child. We never know the reasons for people's choices. Do your best to make your decisions based on your feelings and let everyone else do the same. Just stop with the guilt and the shaming.

5. Thinking every toilet is an automatic flusher.
    This is how it goes...slowly open the door of the public restroom. Walk in and bend down to see if there are feet showing. Open one stall door. Make an awful face because that one isn't flushed. Open the next stall door and think, "Holy mother...what DID they do in there? Not flush...Lawd have mercy. Open the next stall door. Give up and raise your foot to flush the lever. Wipe seat. Hover as best you can. Wipe seat, lift foot, flush. Or if you're one of the people that think all public toilets are just walk out. That causes the scenario to just start over for the next person int he bathroom. 

They aren't all automatic.   

Really. They aren't. I realize the magic of today's world is put into a stall in a public bathroom. You stand up and feel like you are about to be sucked into oblivion because the toilet sounds like what a black hole must sound like at 2 feet away. But not every single public area has accepted the magic of the automatic flusher. The fear is that if you turn around to check the status of the automatic flusher it will immediately start that swirl and the force might be enough to suck you in with it, but we must face those fears and check the toilet. If it doesn't have the automatic flusher, you are safe, but required to put your foot up and push down the lever. So do this: Finish, turn and check for the lever, if there is a lever use it, if there isn't walk out, wash hands, and try to avoid touching the door handle with your bare hands, then probably sanitize. Bathrooms are disgusting. Even more so if every thinks the auto flush is always present. Be brave. Be bold. Check for the lever.

P.S. A tip for when you are potty training toddlers and they are terrified of the auto flush: Carry post-it notes in your purse and stick it over the sensor while your tiny human potties. You should probably remove it when you're done though...because there won't be a lever and a person wouldn't know that they needed to flush and the above scenario will occur. 

6. Being offended.
    This is just standard for a DairyWife post. Just stop being offended by everything. It's a choice. You don't have to get your boxers in a bunch because someone does or says something you don't like. Put on your big kid pants and act like a functioning adult. And for the love of all that is holy...don't get offended on someone else's behalf. Good grief. We don't need everybody running around all whiny, not only because someone offended them, but also because they think somebody else should be offended. The world needs different opinions, personalities, beliefs, and feelings to survive. Suck it up buttercup....your special feelings are not the center of the universe. See point #3. 

I could run this post to infinity, but I'll stop here. Let me know what you think needs to stop immediately!

Maybe I'll write one on things we should START doing. One of those would be to start sharing Facebook posts you love. Facebook screws with the views and people reached because some of us don't wanna give them money to sponsor posts. If someone is doing something you think is awesome share it. There are tons of awesome things on Facebook that don't get seen because it's done, not for money, but to share important stuff. Like things we should stop doing. Immediately! And little life lessons hidden in our day. 

I hope y'all enjoy my posts...because I enjoy sharing my insanity!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Behind the Scene

We all have a calling, dreams, ideas of what we want to do in our lives. Rarely do we think about what fulfilling that call or achieving that dream will take to obtain. Or once we get there, the toll it might take on us.

Lucky for me I still haven't decided what to be when I grow up. My calling is still unclear. That doesn't mean that life hasn't marked me at times. It just means I keep moving forward, looking for my indication sign of what to do next. And I ain't dead yet. So I'll keep trying to figure out exactly what God plans for my life.

We all know I'm a preacher's kid. (Not one of THOSE preacher's kids.) I don't know if I've told you or not, my daddy is also a fireman. The Milkmaids think this is just part of life. Doesn't everyone get to ride in the fire truck? Play in the fire truck? Blow the horn and turn on the sirens? And the parades....oh good lands....everyone should ride in a fire truck in a parade.

Pa comes to school sometimes. He does demonstrations. He tells everyone that his number is 911. Don't call him there, though...he doesn't answer. And they don't like it when you ask for Pa. We haven't done that, but I can imagine dispatch wouldn't be nearly as happy as you might think. But it is neat to be related to a fireman...they have all the cool toys. Another thing that happens when you are related to the fireman, is that you see the other side to the first responder's lives. You worry for their safety. You don't see things quite as innocently as a lot of people do.

We have all gone by a wreck or accident of some kind and rubbernecked at the flashing lights. We've all pulled over for the ambulance to fly by with its lights and siren. We all know the number to call and the response it will get. We expect someone to show up when we dial those three numbers and ask for help. Some people take advantage of the system and call because McDonald's got their order wrong. Or someone stole their weed. While these are emergencies to those particular people, we are reminded that 911 is reserved for real emergencies and we shouldn't call it for non-emergency reasons. MMMkay, Kids?

In an emergency situation we expect a bunch of people to show up, lights and siren, uniforms, "doctor" stethoscopes (yeah...I went there), fire hoses, guns, whatever the situation calls for. What we don't think about is the fact that each one of those folks showing up to help us has friends, kids, pets, a family, and people that love them waiting for them to come home.

The times that you are in traffic and you are trying so hard to see what is happening in the accident across the lane of traffic you don't realize that you could very well be putting the lives of one of those responders in danger. The time that you are in a hurry so you don't slide over and stop for passing emergency vehicles, you are putting lives in danger. The time that the roads are flooding and you decide you can cross it, you aren't just putting your life in danger. You are also saying that you're okay with risking the lives of the people that have to come out and save you or someone else. Driving on icy roads....not just your life you are risking. Playing with matches. Don't play with matches. I'm painting a picture...can you smell what I'm cookin'?
Be aware that all of your decisions, however minimal you may think, have the potential to put someone else's life at risk.

First responders, and I'm talking police, firemen, paramedics, etc, don't do their job because its safe. They do it because it's a calling. They don't do it because they have nothing to lose, they do it to support the people waiting at home for them. These jobs aren't glamourous. They aren't easy. These jobs are vital to our society and hard on the ones that do them.

Responding may be a calling for these folks, but the scars they receive along the way aren't something they always bargain for.

Not only are they going into some bad situations, some ugly car accidents, blazing fires, open gunfire, physical threats, they are also the first people looking at the horrific tragedy that is a person's life. They see the families that are going to get the news. They witness lives wasted and taken too soon sometimes. The things they see and do and the people they save aren't just memories that fade away. They can become wounds that don't heal.

For some of these people those invisible ones are the wounds that fester and ooze. They poison the lives of those who's whole desire was to save lives. In bad cases they tear families apart.

Pa has been a fireman for about 20 years. I can't fathom the things he has seen or the situations he has been in. I can't know the struggle of trying to make sense of a mangled body. I don't know what it feels like to walk into a fiery blaze and try to find someone screaming for help. Or doing everything you can to save a life that you end up watching fade away. My brain doesn't have the capacity to understand those things.

I lived with my dad for 8 years of his service and we have been close the other 12. I know he struggles. I know countless first responders that struggle with the invisible scars. At least the visible ones on their bodies can be explained. The internal scars are the ones that fester and refuse to heal. Those are the marks that nobody can see, that are too painful to talk about. The marks they have received in exchange for following a calling. Those marks, they didn't count on being a price they would pay. Only those closest people see those marks, even when they are hidden away.

When we make a decision that ends badly, we have to live with those consequences. When these guys (and girls) are doing their jobs, the only decision they made was to follow their calling. The consequences they suffer have a lot to do with the bad decisions other people make.

This blog post has very little to do with my life or the farm, but this is something that weighs on me. I personally know lots of first responders. And to think that their families may not get to see them walk through the door because they are out saving lives is hard to swallow. To think that some of them lose their lives because someone made a poor decision is even harder to think about.  Consider this a public service announcement that the decisions we make always affect someone else.

I don't know what my calling is. Or even which of my many dreams I should fulfill. I know that it isn't becoming a fireman or a paramedic or a police officer. I have the utmost respect for the guys (and girls, of course) that have followed that calling, but I have no desire to do any of it. I won't be following in Pa's footsteps. (He will be happy to know.) But I got no promises when it comes to the Milkmaids. They really like those firetrucks.

When you see these folks out and about remember to tell them "Thank you." You never know when you might need them!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Things That Slow the Spinning

People always said things like, "The years just go by so quickly." And by people, I mean the old folks. At least that's what I thought they were at the time. You 30 something.

I kept thinking, good grief time passes slowly. I can't wait to just get done with high school. I can't wait to have my very own life. Where I can just do whatever I want, whenever I want. When I can make my kids do whatever I want them to. The time when I can make all the decisions.

That time never came. Funny how you see things one way, but the reality doesn't look the same.

I graduated high school, tried out the college thing, that didn't work, so I got married. Time sped up a little bit. Then we had the first little Milkmaid. And holy cheese balls....I'll be danged if the world didn't find another gear. Sometimes I think if we didn't hold on, the speed of the Earth moving around the sun would throw us off. 

Now, I've passed that ripe old age of 30. And I feel like there just aren't 24 hours in a day anymore. 

Milkmaid #1 has hit 10. Double digits. Oh for the did that happen?!? A couple of nights ago she stood up in front of our county Quorum Court and gave a speech that she wrote herself. There was standing room only. Our county extension service didn't get some funding that we needed from the state and we were asking, along with many other 4-H kids and parents that the county help fund the office. And my girl wrote a speech Tuesday morning and stood up and talked about why the extension office is important and how 4-H makes her a better person. 

Have you ever been so proud that you want to shout from the rooftops and all that's inside you wants to explode? There just aren't words. I know many adults that couldn't bring themselves to stand up and show the responsibility and passion that she did. I hope that when I grow up I can be as amazing as she is. 

Milkmaid #2 will be 4 in a month. That is 4 going on 14 of course. She doesn't like people. She is the daughter of the Milkman for sure. If I'd let him, he'd never leave the farm. He isn't a fan of crowds or noise, or anything involving more than about 5 people at a time. When there is a function where there will be crowds the Milkman tries his best to avoid said function. Along with Milkmaid #2. 
This is how these conversations go:

Momma: "We have a meeting/party/game/etc Tuesday night."
Milkman: "I've got stuff to do. I can't go."
Momma: "You have to go. You are the dad/president/friend."
Milkman: "I'll see what I can do. But I"m not promising anything."

And if it is really important....the Milkman knows he has to put on his big boy pants and go.
If the same function involves the Milkmaids going this is the conversation:

Momma: "Tuesday night we have a meeting/party/game/etc."
Milkmaid #1: "Awesome! Can I go? Who's gonna be there?"
Milkmaid #2: "Are there going to be people there?"
Momma: "Yes there will be people there. Probably a lot of people. You are going to have to just suck it up and go. It is what it is."
Milkmaid #1: "What should I wear?"
Milkmaid #2: "There are going to be people there. And I don't like people. Here's the deal, I'm calling Grandma/Memaw/Nana."

Now...Momma knows that you pick your battles. For those of you without kids reading this thinking, no. nope. uh-uh. You will learn that children come from the womb with their own personality. And as much as you think you will make your children do whatever it is that you want them to do as long as they live under your are mistaken. You learn quickly that you pick your battles. When you child wants to wear the red cape to Wal-Mart and you are in a better just tie that cape on tight because that is not a battle worth the fight. I'm not saying you let them win the war. You are still the parent...and you teach them things, but there are battles just not meant to be fought. 

So...over the last week or so Milkmaid #2 has spent a lot of time between Memaw's and Grandma's houses. We had a football game to attend and she said, "Nope. I don't wanna go. Games are boring and there will be people there." So she called Memaw. There was a birthday party, Milkmaid #1's double header, and then the Quorum Court meeting. Milkmaid #2 won on every occasion except the Quorum Court meeting. Lines of communication got crossed and Grandma was busy. 

This was a bad deal.

The meeting was standing room only. A nice lady sitting behind us had crayons and a coloring book in her purse. She loaned them to Milkmaid #2. They were entertaining until it was about time to start the meeting. We were second on the agenda and the first guy lasted a little longer than #2's patience. 
It got time for #1 to give her speech and, of course, the need for a potty break began. I put Milkmaid #2 off as long as humanly possible. As soon as my sweet oldest Milkmaid finished her speech we were off to the potty. 

Does anyone else's 3 year old need to go to the bathroom just for the sake of seeing what a new bathroom looks like? This time she really did need to go, but if we are somewhere new the bathroom seems to be a big deal.

When we got back the discussion was going on and on and on. Remember how that time passes quickly when you are a grown up? That night the Earth was taking a break because it seemed like we were there forever. 

About the time it got quiet Milkmand #2, in all her tiny glory, let one rip. A loud one.
Three rows of people tried to avoid looking. The Milkman turned awfully red and started one of those laughs that you can't can't breathe....and you're trying not to make any noise so your stomach muscles tighten up and you just know the workout is better than a thousand sit-ups. Milkmaid #1 missed all the fun because she had taken the potty break. And I couldn't find a hole close enough to hide in. At that point the Earth stopped. It quit turning for a split second that lasted a really long time.

There was a 4-H boy sitting in front of me. About 16 or so. That poor kid was fighting back the urge to laugh so hard. Farts are funny when you are a 16 year old boy. Especially when it sounded like an old man and came from a 3 year old girl. Not just any 3 year old girl, but an extremely proud one. She didn't turn red. Just covered her cute little mouth to hide a grin the size of Texas.

It was at that moment I realized that my life was moving so quickly that I desperately needed those moments to stop time. 
Life used to pass so slowly that I felt like the years would never end. Now I am holding on to keep from spinning away and I have an amazing 10 year old that stops time with her courage and a 3 year old that stops time with...well...her gas. But it's those times that make my life what it is. 

Last night #2 got into trouble. She wouldn't eat her supper and was insisting that she have ice cream instead. This, my friends, is one of those battles that Momma wins. The little Milkmaid pushed her table forward, throwing everything off of it including her supper, and screamed. This is not how we do things at Momma's house. Nope, not happening. After a nice little discussion...or something like that....she went to bed. It was 6:30. She didn't eat supper. I had every intention of letting her up, but ice cream was just a dream for that girl. When I told her she could get up she asked for the sweet stuff, but I won the battle. She covered her head with a pillow and slept for 12 hours. She didn't get up to pee, beg, or cry. That kid slept until I woke her up at 6:45am. And the first words out of her mouth were, "Now can I have my ice cream?"

Stubborn one, that girl. She didn't get ice cream for breakfast, but if she can behave herself she can have some tonight. 

I gotta say...I'm proud of my girls. They are strong and stubborn and sweet. They make my world go 'round. And sometimes they make my world stop. But I wouldn't trade any of the memories that we make along the way.